Entertainment, Media and Home Theatre

Transform your home into your own personal cinema and change the way you view content forever

Enjoy the best moments in life from the comfort of your own home

Relax and spend quality time connecting with friends and family. From entertaining guests to enjoying sporting events, spending time with the family will never be the same again. Watch sport that feels like you are there, have your children’s friends over to play games and watch movies, share education and online content or just enjoy photos and videos from your family holidays. A home theatre can become a great part of your daily life.

Creating your Home Theatre experience

With immersive surround-sound, crystal clear pictures, and easy to use integrated control from the Smartlife App, a home theatre system is the next best thing to the cinema, but with the convenience to use every day. With the right planning, investing in a home theatre or media room can be one of the best enhancements for your lifestyle. With the latest advances in technology, a home theatre experience is easier and more affordable than ever to achieve.


The first step is to plan your space. Will you have a dedicated home theatre room or have your lounge upgraded to transform with the touch of a button? With aesthetically recessed speakers and hidden equipment, your lounge still looks like your lounge, until a press on your Smartlife App sees it transform. We work with you, taking everything into consideration to bring you a home theatre system that will change your life.


With a full range of options for everything from modest first homes through to mansions, designing and installing a Home Theatre system has never been easier or more affordable. If you want the best home theatre to watch the latest blockbuster movie or listen to music in a way that makes it feel like VIP seating at your favourite concert, let us help you achieve it.

Jaw Dropping Realism

Picture quality never looked this good. We are passionate about the picture and audio quality. It is an art and a science, especially in a home theatre. Slim discreet displays and daylight view able projectors can bring true-to-life colour and open a window to your wildest imagination. Thanks to Full HD at 4k, we can provide you with more detail and pixels than you thought were possible!

Immersive Sound

The big screen is only half the story, to get the full effect you would need immersive sound. Thanks to the advancement in the surround sound formats such as “ Dolby Atmos & DTS:X “ they really do create an immersive experience where you not just watch but feel the action. We will set up and calibrate your home theatre for maximum performance and enjoyment.


Unlock the full potential of NETFLIX

Take your Netflix watching to a whole new level. Many do not know that better sound and picture quality is included with your Netflix account at no extra cost, all you need is a setup that will utilize it and transform everything you already love about Netflix.