Smartlife commercial automation allows you to focus on your business.

Commercial Automation

Business & Commercial

Use the same Smart Home technology in any business application and you will transform your ability to manage, control and secure your facilities.

Whether it’s your delivery bays (doors, gates, access control), your board room projectors, screens and media players or the mass of power hungry electrical devices you can manage them all on one simple app – when you are in the office or at home.

Smartlife Hotel

Control heating, lighting, media and security from a single app on your mobile device.

Grant varying access rights to staff, cleaners and patrons and provide all support information about your hotel services through the single app.

Monitor the performance of a single room, a whole building or different locations across the country/world.

Property Developers

Smart home packages provide control of security, lighting, media and entry. We can tailor solutions to meet your requirements.

Smartlife Security

Review video footage and camera stills from the Smartlife app and integrate your existing or new alarm system to control access and secure entry points. Gates, garage doors and internal alarm zones are integrated into one control and can be accessed remotely at any time.

Define smart profiles for every-day lifestyle patterns and use a hierarchy of access for control and notifications.

Smartlife Energy

With Smartlife Energy you are now in a position to get all the benefits from not just monitoring your power consumption but having your Smartlife system make intelligent automation decisions. Store energy at optimum times, maintain defined power levels and protect critical powered devices such as gates, door locks, alarms, and certain appliances.

Smartlife Delivery

Home or business remotely monitored entry system. Assign access to your garage, home or business premises out of hours or even when you are not there.

Smartlife Hub

The Smartlife Hub is the central computer that integrates all your networks and devices and facilitates seamless connectivity. Being wireless or network enabled and available in a number of configurations, the Smartlife Hub is the best choice for connected your Smart Home to the cloud integrated devices.

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Smartlife App

Everything in one place, quick to find and easy to use. When you own a Smartlife home management system you can forget all the other controls, switches and buttons that you used to use to turn on and off you life. Just download the Smartlife App (Apple IOS or Android) and you can start.

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